Listed below you will find resources to help you troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing.

Technical Specifications

Minimum Requirements for LMS Use and eCourse Launching

  • Site is mobile compatible and compatible with all modern browsers.
  • Sign-On sets a Student ID cookie and several session cookies. Student preferences, including simulation preferences, are stored in persistent cookies. Cookies are required for answering course questions and tracking student progress. Cookies (excluding preferences) are deleted each time the browser is closed.


If you are using a touch screen or mobile device (smart phone/tablet/touch screen PC etc.) to complete your training, you MUST USE THE NAVIGATION FEATURES (arrows, checkmarks, menu, etc.) within the course itself.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SWIPE, double tab, or use any other means to move the course or quiz forward. Doing so may cause the course/quiz to freeze and not report the proper completion results to the LMS.

Browser Requirements

If you are experiencing technical issues logging in or accessing the contents of our site, please make sure that you have checked the following items.

  1. First party and session cookies are required to view this website, read how to enable cookies. The Privacy tab should be set to the medium position and no advanced cookie settings are necessary.

  2. All pop-up blockers must be disabled. Also be sure to disable the default popup blockers.
Run a check to see that your browser settings are correct

After checking your browser settings, if you are still having trouble logging in, close your browser, open a new browser window, and try logging in again.

Important Login Information:

Your username and password are only valid signing in through our SSO Portal and then going to the LMS. Please access the SSO login here

***No training should be taken unless it has been authorized by your program. You must be clocked in when completing training.

After trying the steps outlined above, if you continue to experience technical issues, please email
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